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Google Desktop, Privacy, and You

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by generalcliche, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. Google Desktop, a tool designed to:
    may not respect your privacy to the fullest degree. Details at The Register here:
    Slashdot also has an interesting discussion regarding the application

    In short, and all tinfoil hats aside, you probably want to stay away from this, at least for the time being, while it is examined/revised more closely.
  2. Meh it's list of incompatibility of software that I use is too long for me to even consider to using it.
  3. Still, its rather discomforting the list of things it indexes.
  4. The fact it can bypass users/passwords on a network is the thing I hate the most. :mad:
  5. Interesting, but I don't have any problems finding the abovementioned items, I don't really need to view web pages when I'm not online, and Google is just fine without using a "desktop".

    I don't like ANY program that appears to compromise my privacy :mad:
  6. crap. pure crap for the most part. sure its possible but some people ar plain uptight. Just like that slashdot blurb on that you can use it to steal info from others on the pc. They never did say that it was suitable for multi use enviroments. if you think about it you should know what it does.
  7. cuet..another fun thing for the morons at work to install on teh pcs.
  8. And the perfect compliment to their Gator.
  9. that's what I was thinking. Yet another thing for help desk to uninstall at every chance they get. It'll be a perfect compliment to "add 1,000's of emoticons to your outlook emails"