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Thread Good food is addictive

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Mar 29, 2010.


    What a lazy cop-out this is. As if the genetic predisposition excuse wasn't overused, this will surely be.

    I can't wait to see on the wrappers of Big Macs: Might be physically addictive and should not be consumed by pregnant women or the elderly.
  2. You know one of the things that was awesome about Mexico?

    No feeble warning labels on many things.
  3. At the moment freaking vegetables taste better to me than those nasty pre-packaged Hostess type "snacks".

    What a bunch of horrid trash those things are.
  4. Gosh I want a ding dong so badly!
  5. So what else is new?
  6. whore
  7. some people can't get enough of that creamy filling
  8. whore
  9. Although the data may be *used* as a cop out, that doesn't change the science. Makes sense too. Our ancestors needed to be programmed to eat high calorie foods...
  10. You know what else is addictive?

    Shoving string cheese into your hiney and making cow eggs.
  11. :shifty:
  12. and siestas!!!

    And tequilla to help you enjoy the siestas!

    viva la mexico!
  13. Not really.

    Doing something enjoyable may make you want to do it again, and often.

  14. you can't even drink the water there so why waste time on warnings beyond that? :lol:
  15. That's preposterous!
  16. I was fine, even ate raw meat a few times.

    Of course, my first meal from a take out joint back in the States gave me issues :dont:
  17. I've never bothered to tempt fate while there. seems like a good way to ruin a vacation
  18. The power of beer protected me.
  19. Alcohol based disinfectants.
  20. That's what you think, how long have you been back? Sometimes these things take a little time to show themselves.