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Global warming bums me out. :(

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by ieholly, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. i just got out of a guest lecture at school about environmental concerns. now i am all depressed.
  2. Hey, well all be dead before the planet fries anyways.
    so have a coke and a smile!
  3. Time to ban volcanos.
  4. the lecture says that really isn't the main culprit. on the bright side the ocean could be a giant spa. spas are fun.
  5. I know, I was joking :p

    It's still not gonna be warm enough 200 feet down....
  6. luckly i'm not 200 feet tall! :p
  7. from what i understand, "global warming" is really just the earth's natural cycle between hot and ice age.
  8. Let me tell you, finding suspenders is a bitch

  9. not from the data my prof showed us.
  10. data can be easily manipulated to prove any point
  11. hi, you're hot, but i don't think you like me too much
  12. you're hotter!
  13. ah i see you are a student of the bush and oil money school of global warming :p
  14. I'll leave the door on the fridge open tonight, just for you :p

  15. pm me so we can set up a "dr.’s appointment " :heart:
  16. Global warming is just liberal propoganda, made to make you feel bad about being human.

    Vote Bush: He doesn't believe in "global warming".
  17. I see you are a part of the :tinfoil: brigade. :p

  18. That's just because he can't pronounce it.
  19. And you said you're not funnay.