Funny review


Oct 1, 2004

I have been using this remington razor for many years -- since they first came out. They are fantastic, not only because they are much faster than shaving with "regular" blades, but also because the quality of the shave is very smooth and leaves your skin soft. I remember when I was producing and performing in the "New Sex Now" and "Goddess Worship" instructional videos/dvd, the female models complimented me on how smooth and soft my skin is. This kind of thing is extremely important when you are trying to create intense chemistry and intimacy with someone you hardly know in such a short period of time, and was crucial to the success of these highly successful videos. It was also very gratifying to me on a personal level to have such beautiful and sexy women complimenting me and admiring me like that.

These days, now that I'm married, my wife always seems so incredibly happy to rub my face after I have shaved with my Titanium MicroFlex. I would never use any other razor.