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Forum upgraeded LOL FACEFOOK

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. I've upgraded the forum, enabled some facebook shit, upgraded flymart, and upgraded vBookie (not that anyone uses it).

    Anything broken?

    LOL, one of the flymart options that I had to disable was "Fire a Moderator". hahahahahahahaha
  2. What do others see when it comes to FB? Can you guys see my FB profile?
  3. I don't get the whole link to Facebook thing. What does it do other than make it so I click a button here rather than typing the url if I wanna go from here to facebook?
  4. You can publish your posts to facebook and click like on certain threads. There may be more, but thats all I've found so far.
  6. BWhahahah I had typed that then deleted.
  7. I knew you would take care of it.
  8. hey guys, I heard no one uses facebook anyways
  9. fly uses it.
  10. Yea, cause I want people on facebook to know I post here, RIGGGGGGHHHHT.
  11. Hes also a goddamn fag
  12. omg yer embarrassed by us?
  13. Uh, yes.

    Talk about dumb question of the day.
  14. The glow is stupid, I DEMAND A REFUND!

    How do I get a refund?
  15. I bought the glow too and look what it did to my title wtf

  16. Refund....what the hell do you think this is? just consider yourself lucky that you didn't get raped while visiting flymart.
  17. Dharma speaks from experience.

    That's why she keeps going back.
  18. I thought Fly deleted his profile.

  19. Hey, it said refunds available when I bought it. I DEMAND TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER! I'll call my credit card company and dispute the charges if I have too.
  20. You mean I deleted my profile of zacs?