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Oct 19, 2004
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The novel Watership Down has been prominate in the past few episodes of the show. Now it's been awhile since I've read it, but I realized there were some similairities between the show and the book. So I started to look into it to refresh my memory and was quite suprised at how similar the two are. The overall plots and characterizations are very similar.

Here's a short discription of the plot that I stole from Amazon:
Watership Down is the classic tale of a group of rabbits in search of a new home. They travers the English countryside and have several adventures along the way. It's a tale of exile and survival, of heroism and leadership...the epic novel of a group of adventurers who desert their doomed city, and venture forth against all odds on a quest for a new home, a sturdier future,

The characters (swiped from
Hazel (Jack) - The young leader of the rabbits. Hazel guides them through all of their difficulties. He thinks quickly and imaginatively, frequently putting himself at risk in order to protect the others. Hazel wins the unfailing loyalty of the others and uses the best of each of them to help the group

Blackberry (Kate) - Blackberry figures out things that most of the other rabbits cannot even understand. Hazel comes to Blackberry whenever he needs a plan or an idea.

Fiver (Locke) - Fiver is small and awkward (was in wheelchair), but he sees things that no one else sees. His sixth sense saves them many times, and they learn to seek his opinion.

Pipkin (Charlie) - The smallest of the rabbits. Pipkin is Fiver's friend and is fiercely loyal to Hazel. Hazel can often count on Pipkin to follow him without questioning and without hesitating.

Bigwig (Sayid) - Cunning and intelligent, the strongest of the refugees and a courageous and daring fighter. Bigwig's knowledge and power saves the group many times.

There are more characters discussed on the Sparknotes website if you are curious to see how they would match up to the minor characters on Lost.

Woundwort (Sawyer) - The head of the Efrafa warren (the beach) and the only rabbit bigger and stronger than Bigwig. Militant and vengeful, Woundwort tries to destroy Hazel's warren and in doing so almost destroys his own.

I also found some speculation that the island they are on is inspired by the legend of the island of Pacifica. For more info check out this site. Page down to the bottom of the site to get past a bunch of :tinfoil: cheese.