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Flamingo Drive :(

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Atan Nolme, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. How the fluck you get any distance from your tee shot in the game? :confused::( Swear the most strokes I have played is 4. :mad:
  2. Mwahahahahahaha
  3. Think under the giraffes
  4. Or into the giraffe's mouth
  5. That plus hitting the snakes just right = the win

  6. My guy got crapped out a giraffe once by doing that.
  7. :lol:
  8. Do the elephants do anything besides standing around looking stupid?
  9. they don't make the penguin rebound nearly as much as the trees, and it will go over them if it hits them on the back.

    other than that: just a smaller barrier.
  10. Ah I see. Those damn trees pisses me off... after being bounced around and only getting like 600 points on four hits I got 1500 or something on the last. If only the first few strokes would've gone the right way...
  11. i've lost half of a 1,000 point drive because of one of those trees and two snakes.

    /me shakes fist.
  12. I average 3500+ points per game because of the first two drives. There's one way to hit those drives, if you don't hit them right, you might as well forget about claiming the top spot.
  13. how much time do you spend on these games? :D

  14. I'd say I average about 10 minutes per game (except for snake thanks to Kabn)
  15. 10 minutes per game..... how many times?

  16. Depends on the game. A lot of the pengu games I f5 it in the middle of one game because I know I messed up.
  17. :lol: I hear that...