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Thread Ever had a car painted? Tell me about it.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. A car I'm thinking about buying has a paint job I can't stand. I'd like to change the color, however I've read some horror stories about paint jobs peeling, cracking and otherwise turning out bad after a few years. I have no experience whatsoever in auto painting, so I'm curious who has, how it turned out, how much it cost, where it was done, etc.

    No, I will not use Maaco.
  2. Some places do paint jobs cheaply by simply painting over the original paint job. This is bad. Stay away from that.
  3. my brother painted his car once with flat black spraypaint. Took like a case.
    Cost all of 40$ and it lasted almost the whole summer!
  4. to get it done properly costs thousands of dollars. can you not find the car in a more suitable color?
  5. I had portions of two cars painted at two different auto body shops due to accident repairs.

    On the old Subaru, I couldn't tell the difference between the factory paint and the work the shop did.

    On the Saab, I could definitely tell the difference, but it was still a good job - in the two years we had it afterwards there were no problems.
  6. Thousands of dollars to paint a f*cking car? With a spray gun?

    I've been looking at cars since last October. I could keep looking, but I'm beginning to lose my will to live. Apparently I'm as picky about cars as I am about women.

    I can't say the same about Drool's brother, however.
  7. if you want it to look like nice factory paint, yep, thousands. find another car.
    what are you looking at anyway?
  8. It's the labour involved to do it that is expensive.
  9. Thats if you want it done right. Theres is a lot of prep work involved. My uninformed guess would be in the 1.5-2k range to do all the prep, paint , topcoat and finish work.
    Or you can go to maaco and theyll blow a coat of paint on your unwashed car for like fifty bucks.
  10. Wrangler Unlimiteds and FJ Cruisers, with a combination of various factors and options in order to keep from having to worry about them later. Cost, used, low mileage, 2007 or newer, 4x4, split rear seat, automatic (I don't offroad often enough to necessitate high and low), tires, tint, racks, bumpers, winches, etc. The FJ I found is almost perfect. It's that hideous yellow with the white roof, however.
  11. May be cheaper to get one shipped from outside of your area than to get a proper paint job done.
  12. Plus resale on a repaint is terrible if it matters to you.
  13. just spray paint some black stripes on it so it looks like a giant bee
  14. far cheaper. it's only a few hunge to get it thrown in a covered car carrier and shipped
  15. It does matter. It would be sandstorm (on the FJ), however, and people apparently kill each other over beige FJs. It's a very, very good look on those cars, especially if the roof is beige too. On the older models that color was only offered with the Trail Teams package, which was a very expensive upgrade ($6k, I think).

    Jeeps don't usually come in shitty colors like the bright blue or yellow FJs, so I don't really have to worry about it with them.

    But apparently it's too expensive to consider. I had no idea it cost that much to give a car a quality paint job. That's amazing.
  16. a roller and a brush can ad depth and an interesting texture.
  17. The white roof, however, is not only distinctive, but useful. It's the reason BMC put it on the Mini, to keep the interior cooler in the summer.