ERage's Puppy?

BeeRad said:
still no excuse, I vote kick/ban Erage for lack of nudes

I'd kick myself if I had actually been there to place the hidden camera. But alas I was in Las Vegas and missed meeting Eileen altogether.

But here, have this unicorn pic instead
inphosys said:
Bring me the memory stick before you take more ... I have an awesome program for recovering dead memory sticks! :cool:

post a link to that program in my massage thread, I think I killed a few sticks today. :fly:
April23 said:
Cuet pup. Took too long for the pics to be posted. Off with his head.

Tell that [admin edit] to fix the uploader and I'd do it faster. Too many barriers for lazy people.
April23 said:
He's going to fix it when he gets to it, fgt.

Well then don't give me hell about posting slow, we all know i'm slow and sensitive about it so why ya godda rub it in all the time :p