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Thread Does the pope usually get this response?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. I always thought he was like totally for real.
  2. protecting gay child molesting priests put him in this position.
  3. Thank you for perpetuating this stupidity, and for feeding the church's perception of relevance and power.
  4. Plus, red lobster sucks
  5. I want a popemobile
  6. This, why would you ever eat there?
  7. I want a poopmobile
  8. The age of information has been hard for the catholic church. I bet they are missing the dark ages.
  9. Red Lobster used to be awesome. Then they cut so many costs that their food become nigh-inedible. Their calamari, for example, used to be calamari. Now it's broccoli.
  10. I wouldn't go that far, broccoli is good, I bet it's something like soylent green.
  11. It's like freeze dried broccoli. It's completely hideous. /upturned nose
  12. Theres a red lobster near here, which is ridiculous, considering were right on the coast, and they probably get their food from a warehouse in new jersey.
  13. lol Satan.
  14. [​IMG]