Do case manufacturers ever actually look at what they design?


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Oct 15, 2004
Daily News Round #1
Published: 18/11/2004 03:08:10 AM
Author: Steve Dougherty

- ASUS announces VENTO 3600 gaming chassis

ASUS have just introduced a hard0re new PC gaming chassis going by the name of the "VENTO 3600" with quite an eye-catching and unique style about it. The tool-less case isn't that of your usual design, coming with a vertical "Magic Mask" front panel for a cleaner more appealing look to it, side ventilation hole with air duct, and the option to purchase in a classy gloss coated green (ugh!), red, or blue color. For more info on the new ASUS case offering, just click here for the official PR folks.

Click for larger image.

Taipei, Taiwan, November 16 2004 – ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), today introduced the VENTO 3600, an all-new chassis that combined practical features and style for high-performance gaming. It leveraged a unique vertical door for the front panel, tool-less design and superior expandability to allow quick installations of optical drive, hard disks and PCI-based peripherals.

Magic Mask – Vertical front panel door:-

This exclusive feature serves to protect the components on the front panel while maintaining the sleekness of the chassis. Simply press down the door to unlock it. The door then swings smoothly upwards, revealing an array of optical drives, card readers and other input/output devices that can be accommodated by the VENTO 3600. Furthermore, compared to panel doors that swing open sideways, users no longer have to worry about slamming the door against items on their desks. does that not look like a wang or at the very least, a giant nose.