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WTF Digital Drugs? Really?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. I tried to leave a comment to tell her how fucking stupid that is, but she screens them to prevent people from popping her all knowing mom bubble.
  2. Panicky mom blogger doesnt like to be called on her bullshit
  3. I hope this is real ,and some sinister bastard pirate broadcasts the sound over a broadcast of "The View" or something.

    Followed by the "Brown Sound"
  5. I didn't read the article or any part of the thread, but there was a study with a lab rat. The rat had a button that it could push to hear a high pitched noise that stimulated the pleasure center of its brain. The rat stopped eating and drinking and did nothing but push this button and eventually died from exertion.

    K, that is all.
  6. stfu Jaime
  7. I can't wait until someone e-doses everyone in a forum and then you hear about some kid who jumped out his window cause he was high off e-drugs and thought he could fly and then the parents try to sue the internets. I hope I get e-dosed without my knowledge or consent. I could use a little pick me up.
  8. oman how would companies do drug screenings for this?
    Swab your earhole?
  9. Moral of the story? Don't fap so much
  10. "We'd like to make you an offer, but there were indications of suspicious resonance on your canal swab. Can you explain that?"
  11. Did you learn that from DARE?