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This is true in every damn city you go to. Keep in mind that most of them get kickbacks to direct you to a specific shop, so the cabbie himself is a good measurement of what to expect. You are guaranteed to go to a place that he himself has been serviced. If you wouldn't touch him, you don't want to be touched by the same hands that gave him 'full release'.

So how many cabbies do you touch regularly :D
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So how many cabbies do you touch regularly :D

Regularly? None. It's bad enough looking the girls in the eye after you're done. But any judgement they pass on you is tempered by the fact that your spooge is in their hair.

The cabbie though... He just shoots you one of those looks that says "So Mr. I have all of my teeth and bathe regularly, who's better than whom now?"

Screw those guys, if I want to be judged I'll call my mother.
After about 5 minutes a considerably younger woman enters the waiting room. I am bad at guessing age but I place her in her late 20’s. She is an attractive woman, long but thin dark hair hung down to the shoulders of her petite frame.

She smiled and said, “Come here, come”

She motions with her hand that I should follow her so I stand up and began to follow her down the hallway that Mama-san first came through.

We walked to the end of the hallway and turned to the right where I noticed a wooden structure raised above the floor. It resembled a sauna but was open on the top and half of the sides. I then noticed the shower heads and guessed that I was to shower before my massage.

“Body shampoo, take off clothes.” The young woman said.

I thanked her and asked where the towels were at so I could dry off after I was done.

She giggled and said, “I will wash you, take off your clothes.”

I nervously removed my clothes, right down to my boxers. She indicated that I should remove those as well.

I stood there naked and feeling slight humiliation and I climbed into the shower stall. She had already gotten the water to a proper temperature before I entered.

It became clear why the top half of the structure was open as she was reaching through to scrub me down with a pleasant smelling shampoo.

“What are you using to wash me?” I asked.

“Ginger and lemon grass shampoo, very good for your skin.” She replied.

She began washing my neck and shoulders and methodically worked her way down my back and stomach. She carefully washed my legs and feet as well. I noticed that she was taking great care to avoid my now slightly engorged genitals.

As she finished washing my feet she asked, “You want me to wash anywhere else?”

It immediately became clear that she would not actively provide any service that was illegal unless I first asked her to do it. I thought to myself that this most likely is to prevent undercover police from having grounds to arrest her.

I declined her offer and she smiled and began to rinse me off. I stepped out of the shower and she dried me off and helped me into a robe.

“Follow me.” She said as she walked back towards the hallway. I gathered my clothes and followed her deeper into the building.
She opened a door and led me into a small room. The room had a massage table, the kind with the doughnut head rest. She closed the door behind us after turning a sign on the door to reveal a character that I assume meant the room was occupied. I placed my clothes on a small chair and she asked for me to remove my robe as well.

I took off my robe and climbed onto the massage table. She opened a drawer and got out a few small bottles of lotions and oils. I got comfortably situated on the massage table as she walked over.

“What is your name?” I asked her.

“Yuki” she replied.
I knew it was a fake name. Yuki is a Japanese name and she was obviously Korean. I immediately began to wish I hadn’t asked the question.

There is a reason that strippers use “stage names” and why “Yuki” used a fake name. Anonymity is just a part of the process.

She didn’t ask me what my name was, and for that I was glad.

She opened a bottle of oil and began to rub it into my back. The scent of the oil was foreign to me but pleasant nevertheless.

Yuki began rubbing the tops of my neck and shoulders and methodically worked her way down my spine always rubbing the muscles in an outward direction.

The back massage lasted for about 10 minutes.

“Turn over,” she said.

I turned over so that I was on my back. She applied more oil to her hands and began to rub my shoulders and chest. She once again skipped over my waist and proceeded to rub my feet and lower legs.

She worked the muscles on my legs for a short while ever working closer to the tops of my legs. As she rubbed the inside of my thighs I began to become slightly erect. The insides of my thighs have always been a sensual spot for another to touch. This was just too much.

She seemed to notice but didn’t say anything. She then stopped the massage and half unbuttoned the top of her blouse exposing the inner folds of her small but shapely breasts.

“Would you like me to massage anywhere else?” She asked, this time in a much more suggestive way than she had been in the shower room.

A million thoughts began to rush through my head as I contemplated the situation that was before me.
I work in a part of town that isn't so great... along with the strip clubs nearby (one is literally across the street), there are a lot of these massage/sauna places. I've always figured they were asian handjob shops, but I've never tried them out.

At least now I know about how much it would cost me.
I began to consider what I had to lose. I was a married man, I have a career that could be destroyed, I could lose friends over this. But then I started to think who would know? What are the odds that the police would raid a massage parlor at 3:30 in the afternoon? Wouldn’t they come at night when the place was doing more business? What are the odds that I will be caught in the 10 minutes I get serviced by Yuki.

“Special requests not included in 60 you already spend. You have to tip.” She offered.

“How much tip?” I asked.

She replied, “Hand release, 40 dollar. Oral, 80 dollar. Full Service, 150 dollar. I let you touch me during hand release too ok?”

I reassessed in my head the situation and decided that I had too much to lose. I pleasantly thanked her but declined. After all, I was here to do a little research and investigation into the industry, not get arrested.

She didn’t seem to be offended or put off. She began to clean the oil off of my skin and put away the materials she used during my massage. I got dressed and tipped her 20 dollars for the massage. She smiled and thanked me as she showed me out to the main room. Mama-san thanked me and told me to come back soon but I knew I would not this place again.

I walked back out into the hot air and decided to cross the street and have some early dinner at a Chinese restaurant before calling a cab to take me back to my hotel.

Click here for the alternate ending
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So UF, is this fact or fiction? Only you can decide, post your votes and other comments below. Oh, and BeeRad ladies if you would like the "sexier" version I will be hosting a penis book signing event in Savannah very soon!
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ERage said:
So UF, is this fact or fiction? Only you can decide, post your votes and other comments below. Oh, and BeeRad ladies if you would like the "sexier" version I will be hosting a penis book signing event in Savannah very soon!

If only mypenis car could get all the way up there