Credit explanation please.


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Oct 15, 2004
OK, I've been trying to apply for a CC and I applied at AMEX was first because I've never had a cc and that was about it. I've never had use for one as ever since I was 16, if I didn't have the cash to buy something, I didn't buy it or until I got a check card, I had no use for a CC. Now I'm trying to build credit and Ii got the rejection letter from AMEX.

I don't qualify for the following reasons:
Account(s) not paid as agreed
Number of accouns deliquent
Lack of recent information on revolving accounts
Length of time accounts have been established.

:wtf: I can sort of understand the last...but the first three threw me for a loop...

The only cc I ever had for any amount of time was a backup cc I had on my first checking account. I had originally cancelled it and applied my savings for overdraft protection, but BoA fucked up and didn't so I overdrew once and it applied to the CC instead of my savings and I didn't know until 2 months later when I got a statement for the CC balance. I got it resolved and paid immediately and that was the end of that. Beyond that...I have no clue...
I had cable payments while in college that I'd occasionally miss but follow up in the month after. I've had a cell phone bill for the past 4-5 months or so and I've paid those damn near perfectly. don't get it.


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Sep 30, 2004
AMEX? who the fuck is that?

Anyways, I only read half of your post because it is too fucking long, but listen

Whether your 18 yrs old or 30 or whatever, getting a credit card is easy...

just pick a well known credit card company (capitol one, mastercard, whatever)
and start an ENTRY level profile - sure your credit line will blow donkey balls
(most start out with 500 bucks spending cash) but if you use it and pay
your credit bills on time and in full you'll have a good amount of credit
started up in no time