Comfort Food and cold weather


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I've been trying to make chili for the last month. I just can't find the time. It usually takes me 3 hours at least. but if you want a quick rundown of what I put in mine, her goes:

2-3 lbs of browned beef (either ground or cubed sirloin)
2-3 cans of chili beans (1 hot, 1 regular)
some chili powder
some cumen
some fresh jalepenos and habinero peppers
half a large vidalia onion
2-3 bell peppers (green, red & yellow)
1-2 cloves of garlic
salt & pepper
large jar of salsa
1-2 small cans of rotel tomatos
1 guinness

I usually server with rice, shredded cheese & sour cream.

I prolly missed something else since I just kinda grab stuff at the grocerie store and just throw it in. Not much planning, but it turns out well.

If any of the Atlanta crew wants to come over for some after new years, let me know. I can get some goin'.


BigBoi69 said:
I think FedEx has a special service for frozen food transportation :)

Seriously, next batch I make, you guys are getting some one way or another.

Oooooohhhhhh!!!!!!! Don't piss him off! He makes some damn fine chili. :drool: No need to FedEx mine, I'll just come over and pick it up.