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May 24, 2018
Mid MIchigan
So Springfield Armory is selling a limiited edition Chris Kyle edition .45 1911. It includes his book signed by his wife, chris kyle challenge coin. Proceeds go to the Chris Kyle foundation. So here's the fucked up thing to me. He was fucking killed by a .45 1911. I think thats so fucking bad taste there by them and his wife.

I think Chris might have actually approved. He knows it was nothing personal, the gun just did what guns do. ;/ It is for a good cause and will be a coveted item for many I'm sure. The 1911 is one of my favs. - felt rather sad when I sold my last one. '64 Browning Belgium Renaissance, mint, silk bag, box and all the original paper. . .
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Apparently he really like the gun,
"In 2004, I bought a Springfield TRP™ Operator®, which used a .45 caliber round. It had a 1911 body style, with custom grips and a rail system that let me add a light and laser combo. Black, it had a bull barrel and was an excellent gun - until it took a frag for me in Fallajuh. I was actually able to get it repaired - those Springfields are tough."
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