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Hawt College Football: Week 2 v. Finally some real football

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Coqui, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. It's time for the contenders to start showing up.

    Reminder that the game is listed under the home team's conference.

    BCS Conference Power Rankings:
    Big 10, Pac 10, ACC, Big East, Big 12, SEC

    Rankings at this point were formulated as such.
    The more FCS teams you played, the lower your ranking. If you loss an FCS game, your conference went immediatly to the bottom., After that it was record in FBS (not necessarily caliber of the opponent in FBS)

    Overall 10-2 OOC 10-2 FBS 2-2 FCS 8-0

    Saturday, September 11
    12:00PM Duke @ Wake Forest
    1:30PM James Madison @ #10 Virginia Tech
    3:30PM Kent State @ Boston College
    3:30PM Presbyterian @ Clemson
    6:00PM Morgan State @ Maryland

    Big 12
    Overall 11-1 OOC 11-1 FBS 9-0 FCS 2-1

    Saturday, September 11
    12:00PM #16 Georgia Tech @ Kansas
    12:30PM Idaho @ #8 Nebraska
    3:30PM #20 Florida State @ #7 Oklahoma
    7:00PM McNeese State @ Missouri
    7:00PM Troy @ Oklahoma State
    7:00PM Buffalo @ Baylor
    7:00PM Louisiana Tech @ Texas A&M
    7:00PM Wyoming @ #5 Texas
    7:10PM Missouri State @ Kansas State

    Game of the Week:#20 Florida State @ #7 Oklahoma
    I can't shake the idea that Oklahoma has a chance after their performance this past Saturday. Time to see how well Stoops can adjust after the first week of play - I really hope this is a competetive game.

    Big East
    Overall 4-4 OOC 4-4 FBS 1-4 FCS 3-0

    Saturday, September 11
    12:00PM Texas Southern @ Connecticut
    12:00PM Indiana State @ Cincinnati
    1:00PM New Hampshire @ #15 Pittsburgh
    3:30PM Eastern Kentucky @ Louisville

    Big Ten
    Overall 9-2 OOC 9-2 FBS 6-2 FCS 3-0

    Saturday, September 11
    12:00PM Illinois State @ Northwestern
    12:00PM South Dakota @ Minnesota
    12:00PM Western Illinois @ Purdue
    12:00PM San Jose State @ #12 Wisconsin
    3:30PM Iowa State @ #9 Iowa
    3:40PM #13 Miami (FL) @ #2 Ohio State
    7:30PM Southern Illinois @ Illinois

    Game of the week:#13 Miami (FL) @ #2 Ohio State

    Conference USA
    Overall 5-7 OOC 4-6 FBS 1-7 FCS 4-0

    Friday, September 10
    7:00PM #25 West Virginia @ Marshall
    10:15PM UTEP @ Houston

    Saturday, September 11
    12:00PM Memphis @ East Carolina
    7:00PM Bowling Green @ Tulsa
    7:00PM Prairie View A&M @ Southern Miss
    7:30PM North Carolina State @ UCF
    8:00PM UAB @ Southern Methodist
    9:00PM Mississippi @ Tulane

    FBS 2-1 FCS 0-0

    Saturday, September 11
    12:00PM Hawaii @ Army
    3:30PM Michigan @ Notre Dame
    3:30PM Georgia Southern @ Navy

    Game of the week: Michigan @ Notre Dame
    Either Michigan shows they're real, or Brian Kelly shows he's nothing special

    Mid-American Conference
    Overall 6-7 OOC 6-7 FBS 0-7 FCS 6-0

    Thursday, September 9
    7:00PM Central Michigan @ Temple

    Saturday, September 11
    12:00PM Gardner-Webb @ Akron
    2:00PM Eastern Michigan @ Miami (OH)
    7:00PM Toledo @ Ohio
    7:00PM Liberty @ Ball State
    7:00PM North Dakota @ Northern Illinois
    7:00PM Nicholls State @ Western Michigan

    Mountain West
    Overall 6-3 OOC 6-3 FBS 3-3 FCS 3-0

    Saturday, September 11
    4:00PM UNLV @ Utah
    4:00PM Brigham Young @ Air Force
    7:00PM Tennessee Tech @ #6 TCU
    8:00PM Texas Tech @ New Mexico

    Pac 10
    Overall 6-4 OOC 6-4 FBS 3-4 FCS 3-0

    Saturday, September 11
    3:30PM Colorado @ California
    7:00PM Syracuse @ Washington
    7:00PM Montana State @ Washington State
    10:00PM Northern Arizona @ Arizona State
    10:00PM Citadel @ Arizona
    10:30PM Stanford @ UCLA
    10:30PM Virginia @ #14 USC

    Overall 10-2 OOC 10-2 FBS 8-1 FCS 2-1

    Thursday, September 9
    7:30PM #22 Auburn @ Mississippi State

    Saturday, September 11
    12:00PM #23 Georgia @ South Carolina
    12:21PM South Florida @ #4 Florida
    7:00PM #21 LSU @ Vanderbilt
    7:00PM #11 Oregon @ Tennessee
    7:00PM #19 Penn State @ #1 Alabama
    7:30PM Western Kentucky @ Kentucky

    Game of the Week: #19 Penn State @ #1 Alabama
    Penn State - Untested QB with O-line issues....I don't like their chances, however they seem to have awesome special teams.
    Alabama - More than likely no Ingram again. Richardson is capable, but I don't think Lacy will have as successful run against a much better defense.

    Had this been in Happy Valley, I would probably pick Penn State.

    Sun Belt
    Overall 2-5 OOC 2-5 FBS 2-5 FCS 0-0

    Saturday, September 11
    12:00PM Michigan State vs. Florida Atlantic
    3:30PM Arkansas State @ Louisiana-Lafayette
    7:00PM Rice @ North Texas
    7:00PM Austin Peay @ Middle Tennessee
    7:00PM #17 Arkansas vs. Louisiana-Monroe
    8:00PM Rutgers @ FIU

    Overall 5-3 OOC 5-3 FBS 2-3 FCS 3-0

    Saturday, September 11
    8:00PM San Diego State @ New Mexico State
    8:00PM Idaho State @ Utah State
    10:30PM Colorado State @ Nevada

    NCAA Game of the Week - #13 Miami (FL) @ #2 Ohio State

    The only reason why this is here instead of Penn State/Alabama is because I truly feel Alabama is the only one of the two that have a shot at the National Championship whereass, both Ohio State and Miami have a shot at the National Championship. Although if Penn State wins this battle, I'm going to have to re-evaluate their chances to win the Big10.

    Both teams feature a smothering defense (both defenses pitched shut outs) and a high powered offense. Both teams feature a mobile QB. It's hard to write a real review of both teams due to both playing overmatched opponents last week.

    Honestly, I'm picking Ohio State due to the home field advantage. This will be the most raucous environment the current contingent of Miami players have ever played in.
  2. While I'd love to see us (PSU) win. I agree that our offensive line and true freshman qb will give JoePa problems.
  3. Oh God, not this sh*t again. Haven't they all graduated yet?
  4. Like most sports, players get replaced with newer, younger players. It won't stop. ;)
  5. I will be rooting for PSU to win this game. I have a feeling they will keep it competetive though. Your front 7 looks fairly solid.
  7. Been going on since 1869 :D
  8. JoePa's gonna get Bowdened.
  9. There are a lot of PSU fans that wouldn't mind seeing JoePa getting "Bowdened". If he can't be on the sidelines enough this year, the N.C.A.A. could force him out.
  10. Real football? Did you miss the Boise State game???
  11. That was only one game.

    Now there are lots of good games. Lot less cupcakes
  12. Boise State game was pretty epic.
  13. No passing interference call to blame it on this time. Ohio State dominates (except for two kickoff returns)
  14. A reason to celebrate: Michigan won a game today!
  15. That's two in a row!!!
  16. Oh and your LOL moment for the day:

  17. :case:

    just serios fucking :case:
  18. I saw that while hoping that OH St would go down in flames. what does it mean?
  19. Even with some SERIOUSLY shady calls from the refs.



    (I can laugh cause its not Michigan this year... yet)