Click here to see a video of nerds doing a cable D&D show

DirkPhoenix said:
I got about 2 minutes into it and suffered Nerd Overload. I am now cowering in the corner of my cube, hugging my remote control ThinkGeek tank.
:lol: you poor man.... come, let's get a beer and 6 whores
BigDov said:
Damn, that sounds like a decent plan....... for you single guys. :( I kinda miss the boozing and whoring days sometimes.
but you just said that sounded like something you would have done in the past.... WHICH IS IT SIR?!?! :p
I'm gonna cast bliss on this thread so everyone's posts will be +1 for the rest of the night
Drool-Boy said:
I SO shoulda been at the party
I have a +10 Penis of the Multipleorgasms
I coulda ROCKED that party
i cast lvl8 cock of the infinite