Ontopic Cancelled TV shows (2010-2011)

Watched a few, I can see why they are getting cancelled. We enjoyed Breaking In, sad to see that one go. I'm also sad they cancelled Stargate Universe, but only cause I want to know what happens to all the people.
also, i was selected to be a neilson home. problem is, i pirate everything despite having cable... so how do they track that? :confused:

They need to do away with that system entirely.

And I thought Breaking In was fine NOW, but I can see why the general population (of idiots) wouldn't be quick enough to pick up most of the humor.
Yeah, there are so many of those that I've never even heard of and the ones that I have heard of I didn't care about. There's so little TV I do care about these days and the TV I care about is probably considered bad by most. Whatev. We all have our own tastes. Too bad the networks have no idea what they are.
america's most wanted should have been kept on the air regardless of viability; it's genuinely helped catch people

otherwise, :giveafuck: