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Video Boys beware

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Apr 23, 2010.

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  2. do you realize how long I was posting here before I realized why that smiley is named after you?
  3. iono, like a bajillion years.
  4. Dangerous and contagious!
  5. I wandered over to the snack bar earlier, which happens to be located in the JAG wing. I overheard "homosexual conduct" from one of the offices, so I shrieked and ran away.
  6. :( You gonna get canned :(
  7. Hahahahahaa. They're on to you.
  8. oh they know. they've always known.

    first one in the shower and last one out during bootcamp was a dead giveaway.
  9. if you replaced homosexual with jihadist, it's something we'll be able to laugh about in another 60 years.
  10. I honestly couldn't imagine living in those times. Although that guy did kinda look like John Waters.
  11. this should be a double header with reefer madness
  12. Yeah... it'll be right up there with other comedy greats like indefinite detention, enhanced interrogation techniques, and oops I did the constitution up the butt again.
  13. only hitchhiked once... never again, lady creeped me out
  14. Well, in your defense, a shriek is better than a squeal.
  15. She asked you about the unwritten book of the road, didn't she.
  16. WHAT?! Why the fuck did you do that?!
  17. He wouldn't give up any of those items. He's cheap, doesn't do drugs and the chick probably wasn't 2D.