Bean beans, the magical fruit. (A pictorial)



Hmm, decisions decisions… Classic or classic? I think I’ll go with Classic.

Hmm, better open the can first. You people with automatic can openers are sissies.

Gotta be careful with this part, don’t want to cut yourself.

Find your biggest spoon because seriously who wants a small one?

Pour into pot of ~ the right size and give it a stir.

Put on element and heat at max, seriously who wants to wait for chilli?

Stir once when bubbling and steaming, not before.


Find your biggest cup/glass. 750ml :cool:

And fill with beverage of choice, milk in this case since I am having chilli.

Haha, silly dog chilli is for people.

Pour into largest bowl you can find.

Consume! This is my favourite part.

The more you eat the more you toot!


Drool-Boy said:
just go ahead and take you pants off now and sit on an old towel the rest of the night to avoid embarrasing stains on your garments
Meaning I should make and eat another can?

OT: Where is the lol smiley? I miss it. :(