Back home again...

dreamwalker said:
The sex would be easier and quicker. You do still take about 3.5 seconds, don't you? :p
On a good day...if I've fapped at least 3 times in the previous 2 hours...and I use that desensitizing lotion

I promise, you won't feel a thing and you'll never know I was there

Mmmmmmm, fresh baked cookies and milk! :drool:

thrawn said:
hooo flexeril

edit> hey, if those things start making you feel depressed or not right, stop taking them. a good friend worried me once on those.

I'm spending so much time in delierious land, I'm not too worried about feeling anything.
This actually feels quite a bit like being drunk.
Mondoz said:
We, as in the forum members with a vested interest in seeing various outfit pics.

Ah. Well, good luck on the *incompetency hearing*. First you have to show that anyone here is mentally competent, which in itself might be a major undertaking :D