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[Front Page] Article: home part one: a closet transformation

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. I miss you.
  2. I was like
    Wow, Casmo is being nice
    Holy crap. Is he okay
  3. You still under house arrest?
  4. Looks nice. I've been sorting out rooms in my house too, must be something going around. My front room is rapidly becoming my library/office and I'm reclaiming my bedroom, back bedroom is now an electronics workshop.
  5. wow!! that looks amazing!! :heart:
    im about to do something to my closet too, but nothing as sophisticated as this.

    :( love the lighting
  6. It's really not that sophisticated. The whole thing could have been done in a single weekend. The 'hardest' part was probably making and painting the baseboards. But if you trade time for money, you can also buy baseboards like that.
  7. What's the metal box on the wall for?
  8. Put our weed in it.
  9. FFS, vaulted ceiling in a closet?
  10. The house is full of those and plant shelves. Weird design.
  11. I tried a bigger pry bar, but it just ended up smashing the side of the tack strip. The smaller one went underneath it, actually allowing me to pry it up.
  12. Those are little pry bars that are awesome for digging in under stuff and pulling nails out.
  13. looks good. took me two reads to realize you made the trim, which is cool.
  14. those new hand scraped flooring styles look awesome.
  15. :lol:

    It really does look awesome. You know I love you.
  16. Prrrrrrrrrr.
  17. Its getting better.
  18. What about the herpes?
  19. Yeah, that was my test run to make sure I could do it. Wasn't *too* bad to make. I had Home Depot rip a 4x8 sheet of mdf in half. Then ripped each down to 6" strips. Cut a small bias on the top. Then used a dado to make the accent lines. It was dusty as fuck, cause MDF sucks like that. However, getting 6" baseboards for like .50/ft is pretty sweet.