Anyone getting ready for the season premiere.....

You're going to be waiting for a while for this was put on hiatus after 3 episodes (read: cancelled).


I stand corrected:

Fox orders three more Justice scripts
Posted Oct 4th 2006 7:23PM by Anna Johns
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Jerry Bruckheimer's newest crime/law drama is not dead yet. Reuters reports that FOX has ordered up three more scripts for the series. Justice, starring Victor Garber, has regularly finished fourth in its time slot on Wednesdays at 9 pm (even behind reruns of Lost- ouch!). Late last month, Fox announced it was putting Justice and Happy Hour on early hiatus ahead of the World Series. That didn't look promising for either show, but at least Justice gets to take another swing at the viewers. No word on the fate of Happy Hour.
I thought Justice was pretty good. Obviouly though Lost will be taking it's place, but I still planned on DVRing it. Happy Hour was kinda meh, except for the main chick, she was funny as hell.
Does anyone else watch Smallville aside from me and Sarcasmo? I feel kinda weird knowing he is the only other one who watches it.
Oh, "Kidnapped" will be cancelled after 13 episodes. It is the only show we could stomach that was as cheesy as 24 (the storyline was not as good tho.)

I saw a commercial for that...made me think they're trying rip off "Vanished" :p

So we were playing Trivia at Applebees last night, they have an announcer and it is usually packed, each table can play and make up funny team names that are read out loud to all of applebees, good times, but on that note...

One of the questions was what are the brothers names from prison break, I knew it but then it brought up a question in my mind...

Why do they have different last names? Micheal Scofield and Lincoln Burrows? whats up with that?