Ontopic Another earthquake hit's Asia

What have the aftershocks been in Japan? I thought there were pretty big, too, like almost the same 7
I have this program on my ipad that shows all the plates and when earthquakes happen, plus tornadoes and hurricanes. It's kinda interesting to look at it and see all the earthquakes that have been happening in Japan. A few days ago rumbles started in Myanmar, so I'm not surprised this happened. The ones in Japan have been getting fewer and farther between. So far today they've only had 3 that were above a 5. It looks like Myanmar is having aftershocks about every 2 hours. There was also a 5.2 today south of the Kermadec Islands.
It looks like we're getting better on our aim with the HAARP device.

All we need now is some red radioactive crystal, heavy water and dust from a meteor stuck in a volcano to fire it again.
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