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Vegan Bow Hunter
May 24, 2018
Mid MIchigan
I'm not getting my tubes tied.
Uh, ask your doctor. Usual is to snip them, give a tie to both snipped ends, then run a stitch through or around them to make sure they stay tied until fused together. Most then cauterize(burn) the snipped ends. If they just snip the ends have often found their way BACK to each other or the sperms do. And you don't want to have that shit re-done, they have to cut your sack open and lift out the nutz to find out where they went wrong. DId you miss my post - I am in that position? I'm still shooting on one nut apparently because the doctor fucked up by not doing the final cauterizing on one side. Or maybe you'll be a dad at 50 and people will ask the kid "is this your grandfather." :fly:
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