Ah to be musically talented

b_sinning said:
I was waiting for him to break out in Stair Way to Heaven.

Thank god he didn't or I would have gotten up and thrown my panties at the screen.
Woah... Why doesn't guys like this get the exposure they deserve instead of the boring pop-crap these days? :mad:
theacoustician said:
Thanks for the tip.

4 CDs (soon to be 5) and 2 DVDs. Damn. How old is this dude?

He's 28 per the bio on his web page. And he toured in 2004 with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, which is pretty neat. I thought this guy was just some kid who happened to a master of the ukelele. Turns out that's true, but he's also a very accomplished artist.