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Ontopic 14 states may target birthright citizenship

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Floptical, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. wont that just let their kids out of paying income tax too?
  2. I am all in favor of this. Anchor babies are a horrendous miscarriage of common sense.
  3. if we gave them all citizen ship and at the same time eliminated all social programs like welfare, foodstamps, medicade, etc. we'd not only save a shitton of money but see an increase in tax base and be able to hire more cops to take care of the elevated crime.
  4. All aboard the citizen ship, setting sail for Hooker Town. toot toot
  5. How do other countries handle this stuff?
  6. genocide
  7. :lol: Seriously, I have no idea how other countries do it and I'm interested. Do they care more or less about this shit?
  8. a lot less cause they aren't overrun with illegals.
  9. Children of illegal immigrants don't get automatic citizenship anyways. They get the option when they're 18 but the parents still get kicked out.

    Anchor babies are a myth. The problem does not exist.
  10. The 14th Amendment says they do... :confused:
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    no, it says that one has to be under the jurisdiction. children of illegal immigrants are not granted citizenship until they turn 18, at which point they have the option of accepting US citizenship or returning to their parents country. and it still doesn't prevent the illegal immigrant parents from being deported, with or without their offspring. an illegal having a baby on US soil does absolutely nothing to prevent that illegal from being kicked out. jack squat diddly.

    the "anchor baby" phenomenon is a pure myth. once they're old enough to accept citizenship and old enough apply for sponsorship of their parents and earning enough money to do so it still takes many years for it the process to go through and the rules that prevent people who crossed illegally from being granted sponsorship still apply

    edit: the citizenship choice applies to children of legal immigrants, tourists and whatnot. if carys and her hoboyfriend are visiting you and ape, she pops out a kid, that kid isn't automatically a us citizen because both of its parents are foreign nationals and are not residents here, they're here as temporary visitors. when their kid turns 18 he has the choice to retain his british citizenship or accept american citizenship.
  12. that is not correct. There are many places in the Western World with the same problem as us.

    US has issues with people from the South
    Germany has issues with Turks
    France has issues with North Africa
    UK has issue with Pakistan
    Greece has the huge Albanian problem
  13. Canada has issues with Quebec...
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    Of course they do.

    The 14th Amendment, Section 1401 of Title 8 of the U.S. Code, and the courts say they do.
  15. YEAH!
  16. hahaha wut?!
  17. Yeah like.....thirty years ago maybe....
  18. Norway has issues with Swedes and Finns.
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    a child of a non-resident is not subject to said jurisdiction of immigration law. being born on US soil to foreign nationals gives one the option of accepting US citizenship as an adult. the application of this law is exactly the same for any legal non-resident as well. basically, anyone on any kind of temporary visa does not give birth to a us citizen but their child would eventually get the option.