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GAY Zero tolerance ban prevents school massacre

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by G-Shock, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Toy soldiers run afoul of school's weapons ban

    Christan Morales says her son just wanted to honor American troops when he wore a hat to school decorated with an American flag and small plastic Army figures.

    But the hat ran afoul of the district's no-weapons policy because the toy soldiers were carrying tiny weapons.

    "His teacher called and said it wasn't appropriate because it had guns," Morales said.

    Morales' 8-year-old son, David, was assigned to make a hat for the day when his second-grade class would met their pen pals from another school. She and her son came up with an idea to add patriotic decorations to a camouflage hat.

    Earlier this week, the Tiogue School in Coventry sent the cap home with David at the end of the day after concluding it violated a zero-tolerance policy for weapons.

    The principal told the family that the hat would be fine if David replaced the Army men holding weapons with ones that didn't have any, according to Superintendent Kenneth R. Di Pietro.

    Morales said the family had only one Army figure without a weapon (he was carrying binoculars), so David wore a plain baseball cap on the day of the visit.

    "Nothing was being done to limit patriotism, creativity, other than find an alternative to a weapon," Di Pietro said.

    The district does not allow images of weapons or drugs on clothing. For example, a student would not be permitted to wear a shirt with a picture of a marijuana leaf on it, the superintendent said.

    The principal "wasn't denying the patriotism," he said. "That just is the wrong and unfair image of one of our finest principals."

    Morales said her son was inspired to honor the military after striking up a friendship last summer with a neighbor in the Army.

    Banning the hat "sent the wrong message to the kids, because it wasn't in any way to cause any harm to anyone," she said. "You're talking about Army men. This wasn't about guns."
  2. I was happy to hear that my local school board is trying to revoke Zero Tolerance becuase of a few bad incidents like this. They want to be able to weigh each case to decide if it merits punishment or not.

  4. zero tolerance is not a replacement for common sense
  5. Kinda the opposite, in point of fact.
  6. Back from your Utah shooting already?

    Zero tolerance is totally an excuse for not using common sense.
  7. This would never have happened in Australia.
  8. Probably becuase a dingo would have eaten the kid on the way to school.
  9. We have a nationwide gun ban, yet no one would be kicked out of school for a toy soldier! lololololO!!!!!!!

    That's just fucking funny! :lol: