GAY YouTube


¡ɟɟo ʞɔnɟ ʇunɔ 'ᴉO
Nov 11, 2008
Anyone else been experiencing slow download speeds on youtube?

I get this at work and at home, so it's neither my computer nor my connection.

Funny the ads seem to never have to pause and buffer...
I've had slow downloading from time to time but only at the office. The office connection is about half the speed of my home connection. I thought it was just me.
I have lots of issues. I have to pause the video and let it buffer up before it works. Which browser are you using?
been doing it for a long time for me. like the first minute loads quickly then i get to pause and wait if its something i really want to see...

before they were bought out, shit was always loaded instantly. :(

or maybe its the new codecs.