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your shopping cart rolls away

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by CletusJones, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. so last night i was at the grocery store (yeah, i know i'm a loser for going shopping on a friday night, but whatever) and there was a woman chasing a shopping cart across the parking lot. It was full of groceries and apparently got away from her. The little kid in it seemed to like the ride though, it was screaming and laughing the whole way.... well, until the cart ran into the side of a minivan, then the kid started crying. When the lady finally caught up with the cart (she was rather large and out of shape) and moved it, there was a HUGE dent in the side of the minivan that was shaped just like the front of the cart.

    She didn't leave a note or anything. I yelled, shouldn't you leave a note or something? How'd you like it if someone did that to your minivan!@? she called me an asshole to which i reply "watch your mouth in front of the kid fatty, you don't want him to end up as big of a cunt as you are." then she told me to fuck off and that she'd be writing down my plate number and reporting me. I asked her who she was going to report me to, the morality police? she got all flustered and stormed off. I bet she ate a bunch of cake and gave out free blowjobs later to make herself feel better. Stupid soccer moms.

    I do have to say though, it was rather amusing watching her try to run after the shopping cart.
  2. did you report her? I'd be fucking ripshit pissed if I came out of the store and saw my car in that state:mad:
  3. i told the cute girlie at the "customer service counter" right before she gave me her phoen numbar for no reason....

  4. :lol: :lol:
  5. What a deadbeat, screwing up someone else's car and not taking responsibiliy. I'd be furious to come out and see the door panel caved in. That lady needs a beatdown.
  6. i would have done it, but i was afraid my hand would get stuck in one of her rolls. i can hear the slurping sound now.... :shudder:
  7. Its just like a ball of silly putty, only its 300 pounds in size.
  8. i'll have to test this. I'm going to go out tonight and bring a fat chick home to press newspaper all over her body.
  9. Or at least leave a note on the car that got hit with the person's licsense plate number

  10. ooo do it with the sunday comics!
    I bet shell do color transfers

  11. Wait, how much of your 'medication' had you taken at this point?
  12. i might have to buy 2 papers, i don't want to have to repeat any comics.
  13. well, i was pretty stoned, does that count?
  14. I imagine that whipping out a camera phone on the lady would have really pissed her off.

    That would have been good.

  15. Gotcha. So do we have any confirmation that this girl was really there?
    Did anyone else see her?
  16. AFAIK, i've never imagined anyone to be there who hasn't actually been there. it is possible though, some kids were looking at the spectical and laughing.
  17. that would work too...messing with someone's car puts you barely a notch above rapists and pedophiles imo

  18. Where do politicians and lawyers fit into that scale?

  19. QFMFT

  20. lawyers rape and politicians are pedophiles