Thread Your Cream Gayrodge

Ford Mustang (not for me)
Whatever the newest and coolest Lambo is
Whatever that car company is that totally redoes Merceedes with a refridge and curtains
A giant RV

but I'd probably rather just fill it with dead hobos and hookers.




And I figure I can have 2 motorcycles since they don't take up as much space...

And something like this although I haven't really shopped for my pink crotch rocket yet

Hopefully Dan gets his own 5 car garage cause I'm not considering him in this.
First spot: rotating Brabus model
Second spot: rotating GTR model
Third spot: rotating Bentley model
Fourth spot: rotating Koenigsegg model
Fifth spot: VW GTI for chim :fly:
I would fill it with a Phillipino sweat shop that makes bootleg Nike shoes that I will sell on eBay. I will use all the money I make to build a 7 car garage.
I'd have a Bowler Wildcat over NMEs Bomber


Bugatti Veyron


This one off Rolls Royce


Bentley Eight Lemans


and a Mini Cooper S Works


edit - Just realised 4/5 cars are UK or UK design. Whodathunkit.
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Off road vehicle: 2012 Range Rover

Super car: 2011 Lamborghini Aventador

Luxury car: 2012 Brabus SV12 R

Race car: 2011 Red Bull RB7

Classic car: 1971 Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III

I am stunned and pleasantly surprised something like the Falcon which looks like an aftermarket part magnet driving past a Walmart and a tuner would be a factory option package. And please tell the initials stand for Get The Hell Out. I love how macho they made it with the "XY" title, akin to Volvo's male symbol in the logo.

Why not the phase II? :fly: