You know you're getting older when...


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Nov 22, 2004
Savannah, GA
The clothes you wore in school are coming back in style as retro.

When you realize all of the superhot nude models were born in years you remember.

When the songs you loved in highschool are now being played on classic rock stations.

You do some.
When I refer to people that were born the year I graduated high school as "kids"

I can remember a time when David Hasselhoff was the shit.

Mr. T was badass and so was Face

plus what you said..... and some other stuff.
Most of your favorite movies has the Russians being the bad guys.

Car safety was putting down your beer when doing donuts in the parking lot.

You remember Athletes only playing one sport and the Superbowl Shuffle was the best singing they could do.
when you go visit your old high school and don't recognize anyone there- not younger siblings of friends, not any teachers, heck, not even the building.

when you can count most of your 206 bones by what creaks in the morning when you reach over to turn your alarm off

when you refer to most products being built better at some point in time
..when you watch programs about toys from the years gone by and you end up screaming "oh god, i remember that.. " to almost all...