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yo drunks look here PSA

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by I.C.Water, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. [​IMG]
    i hear a lot of cracks about my liver givin out but seriously read up on milk thistle it could save your life and keep ya drinkin :D it's saved several of my fathers friends lives and let them continue drinking :cool:
  2. Alcoholic Thread # 11tyBil
  3. You called?

    Mmm I revently got a new liver, I celebrated with keg. :shady:
  4. hmmm....... if I start drinking excessively again, I'll have to remember that. Thanks.
  5. drunk thread alcoholics go to meetings
  6. Hmmm, interesting

    *adds Milk Thistle to next shopping list*

  7. oh really
  8. :drool:
  9. Well, we have meetings too but they're a lot more fun.

    Since there's usually beer involved
  10. yea but we usally dont refer to them as meetings :p
  11. Yeah, usually I call it Thursday or something like that
  12. so, this actually works?

    what does it do for you?
  13. it heals your liver and yes it works
  14. how does it "heal your liver?"

    edit google it theres shitloads of info
  16. I still have April 20, 2006 in the betting pool for when your liver fails.