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Yea! its friday. :)

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by ieholly, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. this is so great. i have no hw this weekend and i got good grades on two tests i got back! i own. :tard:
  2. :cool:

    What level of education are you at?
  3. kindergarden, er i mean college.
  4. I figured that much but are you a freshman, sophomore, junior, or a senior?
  5. senior! whoop. :)
  6. sweet! I've got minimal plans as well........ :)
  7. Seeing as how my package from Newegg came I will be working on my main rig. :D

  8. hay, I got a nice package from newegg today too!
    I nice powered KVM switchbox with an auido pass-thru:drool:
  9. i have to work tomorrow, this is not pleasant
  10. What did you buy because I need one?
  11. all this talk of packages makes me :drool:

  12. I have 2 PCs that I use plus an xbox that I play via a VGA adapter, and limited space on top of my desk. So now I can pump them all thu the same monitor.

  13. Wanna see my package?
    Ive already unwrapped it
  14. Let met try to get through the Beir Fog. What was the make and model number?

  15. Of the kvm switch?
    Justcom JC-104A
    Im using it right now and its sweet.
  16. pisses me off they don't make kvm's that support dual monitor and above:mad:
    I need to build a new box...running on a 2 year old axp 2400+ w/ti4400
    need to get off my ass...had a free opteron chip sitting on my desk for months now

  17. NP
    Ive had it set up for about 20 minutes now and its better than I had hoped it would be.
    By god, I think I have an erection!

  18. Not even in the high-end range of them they dont?
    I know I had a hell of a time finding one with audio passthru that didnt require a bank loan to afford:p
  19. waffles