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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by strawberry love, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. 3-2 boston

    COME ON!!! :mad:
  2. You mean we might not get sweeped. :eek:
  3. id really like to see boston win just cause i feel bad for my poor neibor steve:p
  4. 4-3 yankees

    all is right in the world again :p
  6. I wish the Braves were still in the playoffs :(
  7. amen to that! :(

    edit:yay! just saw the sox won!

  8. You were saying? ;)
  9. :mad:

    can't believe Rivera blew it. i was really looking forward to the sweep.

  10. ++++++++++

    seriously. :mad:

  11. I have no respect for the Yankees and enjoy watching them lose.
  12. They need to score more touchdowns and shoot more three pointers.

  13. Would also help if they shot some one-timers
  14. They need to pickup the spare too.

  15. And fucking go all in on that royal flush
  16. they should have hit more slapshots
  17. Basketball threads are lame
  18. good thing this is a baseball one :D