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FYI Ya, let's make jobs. I'm excited now!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Kevlar, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. that article is from 2006, when your buddy gee dubya was in office :tard:
  2. Unskilled union labor has already hurt our country enough. Go ahead and send it all down there. It's been bringing down skilled labor in the entire usa for decades.
  3. What does the topic of the article have to do with Bush, exactly? Granted, it's old, but how is Bush relevant?
  4. Cause you know, bush is responsible for everything past present and future.
  5. I was heading her off at the pass before she blamed it on obama. that's how these things roll with her 99% of the time
  6. We can trace this whole auto thing back to clinton really. That's when soccer moms started trading in their mini vans for giant suvs.
  7. my family has been driving suvs since the 70's. I really don't think it starts with clinton
    had one of these tanks growing up
  8. If I was going to blame BO I would have. And if you have ever read any of my posts, Bush was not my bud.
  9. I believe she slyly blamed Obama's administration in the thread title.
  10. not everyone grew up with a silver soon waw. Suvs definitely took off in the 90s.
  11. yes, thinly veiled as always
  12. you voted for him twice
  13. Looking back at what gore has done this decade, im glad bush won round one.
  14. driving an suv was hardly the exclusive territory of the rich and famous prior to the 90's. millions upon millions of broncos, jeeps and blazers were sold before then
  15. Bingo. My bother-in-law has been driving a jeep all of his adult life.
  16. Yea, to rednecks and as weekend cars. Not as moms daily driver.
  17. Don't forget those old huge-ass Burbans from the late 70s.

    My family had a Bronco back then and we weren't wealthy.
  18. so you were all picked up from school by your mom in a suburban in the 70s when gas was peaking and the economy was in the shitter huh?