[Contest] Write an erotic story involving two forum members by Feb 1st


Oct 13, 2004
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Oct 15, 2004
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Oct 1, 2004

Well done dbzeag. The winner with some of the sickest shit I've read since theac told me about his childhood.

As she went to nibble my earlobe, Kiki whispered gently, "How are you feeling? Is this ok?" being sensitive and slow for my first time.

"It feels great!" I exclaimed almost too infatically.

Kiki slowly kissed my neck again, then slowly worked down to my collar and to the top of my chest. Running those hands all over my body she agonizingly licked and kissed and teased my chest, paying expert attention to each nipple.

As she moved down to my treasure trail, something inside me snapped. I looked down and noticed a very large bulge in my pants and a slight wet spot. I was so turned on I had pre cum showing through my pants. Kiki noticed the stain and obviously proud of her work directed, "Let's get these off of you."

Again too eager, I almost pushed Kiki away as I rushed to drop trough. She giggled delightfully at the spectacle I was making of myself. But something must have happened to me that I cannot explain. Kiki must have changed me. Her chuckling at the scene presented by me would have normally shot ice down my spine of fear and embarassment, but with Kiki, it just fueled a fire that she started when she just walked in.

I quickly and forcefully picked her up and sat her on the table by the door. I slipped her left breast out of her plunging top and started suckling on it while I caressed her inner thigh. I started low on her leg and graciously and delicately grazed my hand over her sweet soft skin as my tongue performed miracles onto her nipple. Kiki's legs were starting to tremble until the tender touch of my hand. I pulled out the mammoth mammory for which to sample the pleasures of Kiki as I could not in good conscious leave one side denied complete pleasure.

I moved my hands between her legs and slowly, ever so slowly massaged around her labia. Even I could tell she was feeling excited because of the wetness that was forming through her panties. I knew this was the time.

I quickly pulled her panties down and shoved my manmeat deep inside her with the force of mighty Zeus himself. Kiki let out a thunderous scream while I let stay planted deep inside her. Giving her but a fleeting moment to compose herself, I started thrusting in and out. Very slowly but very deep at first I gave her hole a good stretch. Never before had I not had to pause the action for a condom or lube.

I picked up the pace, leaning down to kiss Kiki's sweet sweet lips as I pulled her closer in.

At this point I started to slam her forcefully. I knew I wouldn't have another chance like this and I wanted to impress her with my abilities even if they were rookie and gave her everything I had. She was panting and sweating profusely and her moans could he heard miles away. I reached down and while thrusting, I massaged the area around her clit, sending shooting sensations of pleasure through her. Kiki arched her back and threw her head back, almost hitting the wall. She screamed sheer joy as I continued to plow her. while I was inside her I could feel her tightening up and vibrating with the pulse of sheer ecstacy and it felt like nothing I had felt before. A few more thrusts and I myself was experiencing that passion. Deep inside her I laid my seed as I collapsed on top of her after one last thrust.

Juicy details here, read with caution if you must:
After I had gained a breath, I pulled out of her now-abused pussy only to find my juices mixed with hers dripping out of her. I took this unique opportunity to go down on her. I licked up our juices like a cat to a saucer of cream and it tasted good. Real good. I slurped and lapped it up until she was moaning again.

"Let me try some of that," Kiki responded.

I proceeded to erect from my hole-eating and met her lips with a sticky juicy kiss. The sensation and taste of the two of us in the two of our mouths at the same time was sheer heaven, like a cocktail made from God himself.

After we kissed, I helped her dress and compose herself.

"Would you like a towel?" I offered sheepishly.

"No, I think I will be fine, thank you," Kiki replied. She was still in a daze about what just happened. I walked her to her car. As her driver opened the door, Kiki whispered into my ear, "That was about the most amazing thing I have ever done! Are you sure you don't swing my way?"

"I don't know," I responded, because in all honesty, I didn't. What did this mean? Where was I to go from here? What do I tell people? Do I do it again? All of those questions I would have to answer to myself later. I gave Kiki a quick kiss and sent her on her way.

"Give me a call again hot stuff, any time," she called out as her car sped away. You know I will, hot stuff :heart:

And I have to give an honorable mention to Chikken for this one. Holy crap. For this, you'll recieve a $25 gift card to Cabelas. :heart:

"Are....you......going.....to.......drink..........that?" Smileynev gasped weakly, much like Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle, referring to a still steaming can of Mountain Dew topped with a fluffy dollop of Drool's Buttfinger icing.

Said can, moments before had fallen with a neutered thud onto the steel grate floor of Sarcasmo's absurdly immaculate apartment. Drool was masterfully performing his latest poo-stunt whilst riding Sarc's roller coaster: the Iron Age Vending Machine.

"Nnnnnnng, ahhh, A7!" Another object, this time a corn bedazzled packet of Mr. Natures Nuts, slapped onto Smileynev's apparent companion's mirrored dome as if it were one of those gummy hand things from gumball dispensers in the 80's.

"Grr, of course not you ninny, I'd sooner be forced to drink from April's firehose again." growled theac, from his cocked and locked position facing 'nev on the floor. His teeth, gnashing as he spoke, reminded 'nev of that documentary on gay architects he watched on Lifetime.

"Oh man" 'nev, sounding better after downing the 'Dew in one gulp "I sure hope some cheddarwurst plops out soon, I'm wasting away here"

"Oh can it you revolting mendicant, look at the mess you made" pointed out theac, referring to the "snake skins" littering the grate under 'nev, the sloughed off skin resulting from the hours of wookie porn reflected in theac's glasses "at least you don't have to look at you"

"You'd look so much happier with kitty ears, you know" countered 'nev "how long have we been chained here anyhow?"

"Six days, seventeen hours, and twenty-two seconds of having to smell your buttersweat hell" muttered theac.

"Hey wow, they let you keep your watch? I smuggled in my gameboy, but I can't reach it..." 'nev wandered

"Of course not you buffoon, I've constructed an atomic clock using RFID tags from packaging and Drool's discarded ass hairs" theac, barely getting the words out before the diesel powered posterior puncher clattered to life and began it's terrible and thankless job of piercing planet diamond ass.

"Just as well, I'd almost rather be here then stuck in that tiny cubicle getting screamed at all day by angry people." pondered 'nev.

"Would you two shut the hell up already? You'll be forced to gargle waw's fro if you keep messing with my groove" Shouted Sarcasmo angrily. Sarc was wearing kiki's skin, and riding a VERY passed out waw's member, held up with popsicle sticks and baling wire. On the coffee table in front of him, a Tinychat session was in full swing. Little squares, too difficult to make out from their vantage point, both 'nev and theac shuddered to themselves at what ODS, tre, flapril and p|ot must be doing accross the tubes.

"Hey....." fly's distinctively sassy voice called out above the din of random people shorting their own sheets "does anyone have any more cats they can send over....we got six in, and there might be room for more, but we ran out" Fly being the founding member of cat ass huffers international. Not that they huff cat's asses (Though they might) but that they huff cats with their asses, it doesn't make any sense, even if you see it in person. Let's just say it involves traffic cones, leaf blowers, and canola oil.

"Hey, FU buddy" cackled Drool as a melted Mars bar flopped onto Sarcasmo's laptop, spattering the camera with mal fromage.

The rollercoaster jerked to a halt, sending Drool onto the pile of drugged forum members Sarcasmo was keeping next to the ficus, the lights went out, the laptop dimmed as it went to battery power, and the diesel assram seemingly got louder as it became the only sound in the room other than the persistent rubbing of a wookie taint induced crimson rocket. Someone must have cut the power, or the 300kw per hour to run the rollercoaster resulted in late payments etc.

"Helloooooooo boys" hissed an eerily familiar voice, the silouhette of a man in a kilt appearing in the doorway "I've brought craft brew and cock fu"

*to be continued*


*probably not*

:heart: Thank you to all who participated.