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WTF Wierdo fetish sites

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, May 19, 2010.

  1. I find some sexual desires people have sometimes provocative, sometimes titillating, sometimes scary, but also hysterical.

    Case in point, the site (SFW) about hot guys, reading books. One person's sexual interest can be so drastically different than someone else's.

    So what other sites do you know of that you find unusual or on the fringe?
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  3. I will give you a pass on this because I find your double posts hilarious, but real sites please.
  5. Are you using the mobile site or what?
  6. the mobile site looks like anus
  7. You should get out that pic of my anus and make a fetish site for it.
  8. I think my dad still has it.
  9. AKA : "Sweetums"
  10. I was scared to tell Sweetums that I was the guy. I'm pretty sure he coulda kicked my ass.
  11. Yes! All VB mobile editions look like puckered anus.
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    Actually, disregard. Nobody wants to see that.
  13. i saw this site where guys like other guys... fucking weird right?

    forget the name of the site, but it was an anagram of gaymen...
  14. saw someone post a gay fursuit site yesterday... topped my list of awkward for the week