FYI Why so Blue(tooth)?


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May 12, 2008
Brandon, FL
Had to get a new bluetooth ear-set for my phone the other day. I had a Jawbone 2, but kept breaking those freaking fragile ear loops. Broke the last one on Friday, and then the Jawbone commenced to keep suiciding out of my ear, landing on the pavement, breaking itself silly.


So, had to get a new one. Fans of the jawbone, but have found they have changed things again. I was a huge fan of the Jawbone 1s. The 2s were cool, but smaller and not as cool looking.

The new ones, the Jawbone Icon. They look stupid. I almost didn't get it but, so far, sound and voice wise, they were hard to beat.

The new Icons are about $20 less than the second gen jawbones. So, one piece of good news.

Then I see that they are primarily set for not using a loop, but instead they give you 3 option sets for in ear mounts, so you walk around like Uhura. 'This won't work' I said.

then I tried it.

it actually works pretty good. A vigorous shaking of the head wouldn't even dislodge it. Point Jawbone. (It does come with a loop/earset for those that want to use it, but it's not the Gen 1 or Gen 2 version, so the little leather and steel loops are gone for good. /mourn)

So then, I paired it, and found out the real cool options.

Like Voice. Yup, the previous jawbones just dinged in your ear when a call was coming in.

The new one, actually tells you, in a chicks voice, the number dialing you (would be awesome for it to speak the name, but /shrug).

They also changed the 'talk' tap, to the back of the device instead of the outside surface. Not a bad idea. Prevents accidental disconnects (which happened on the Gen 2 if you weren't careful).

A tap on the talk button also tells you, in voice, the amount of talk time left on the charge. Not bad.

For iPhone users, it creates an icon on your display to give you status of the set.

Best Buy, in their ultimate suckage, only has the black ones (The Hero) in stores. Online, they have other color flavors, which look far more awesome. But I didn't have the patience to wait for an online delivery.

Comes with a real on/off switch too, instead of a long press of the talk button.

Dimensions are a little shorter than the Gen 2 Jawbone, but a ton fatter. Also comes with a private beta invite to MyJawbone software that lets you change the voice in your icon, notification messages, etc.

All in all, first impressions (before I got it out of the box) were meh. Liking it more.

ps JUST LIKE EVERY DAMN MANUFACTURER OF ELECTRONICS OUT THERE, fuckers changes the way the headset charges, again.. Old version with the magnetic clip (loved) is gone. New version features a damn micro USB, and a much shorter charging cable. Not a fan, but /meh.

Anyway, that's my review. Which ones do you all use?
ur a fag for using a bluetooth earpiece.

Some days I have to drive 300 plus miles for work. Shit doesn't stop just because I'm driving, so I need one for traveling. And since my BB is what all my centers call me on, it's needed. Also, working with tech support, without a speaker phone, on clinical systems, well, your stupid and shouldn't be employed if you are trying to fix a clinical system with one hand while jockeying around a cell phone in the other.

In short, blow me princess. :p
I'm guessing neither of you has ever had a conference call on the weekends that lasts several hours.

I'll be damned if I'm holding a phone to my ear for more than five minutes.

That I guess I can understand, but the guys that just walk around all day with one on makes me want to rip of their head and stomp on it.

Edit - stomp on the earpiece that is, not their head, tho that would be fun too.
I'm guessing neither of you has ever had a conference call on the weekends that lasts several hours.

I'll be damned if I'm holding a phone to my ear for more than five minutes.

Speaker phone. If you are having a conference, you are going to be sitting down alone in a room no disturbing others. You might as well go speaker.

jesus. read the fucking thread.

edit for the slow and simple:

When you are elbows deep in a linear accelerator controller that has gone bad, and you have Varian (or Seimens) on the line trying to repair it in a lead lined room that had no phone in it, carting a speaker phone in from outside the vault on a 50+ foot long cord is more dumb than just plugging in your bluetooth.

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Speaker phone?

The only time you should have a bluetooth on is while driving and you have a call.
Speakerphones suck first of all.

Second, I work from home - and frequently on nights and weekends, speakerphones would disrupt everyone else in the house.

Third, doesn't work so well when I'm on a call since I'm not just going to be sitting there and wasting valuable time just listening, I can do a myriad of things around the house.

If the thing is in my ear, it's because I'm on the phone, I never wear it waiting for calls or when I'm not actually on a call.