Why is it

El Borracho

Flaccid Member
Oct 17, 2004
No one here really posts past 10:30, is it an unwritten law that you shouldnt?

This one of the few times i have to post here, and no one is on. :(
I was watching Worlds Greatest Explosions followed by more rubbish. I haven't been around alot lately, not like I was missed though :p
fly said:
I missed you. :hi2u:
:hi2u: I missed you too, but there hasn't been much activity this week by the looks of things. I'll check in when I can though, still haven't got DSL hooked up to my new place.
Not important enough to make a new thread over: My brother-in-law bought Elektra and brought it over. That movie is flaming horrible.
Oh, I forgot: