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Why doesn't the 'Richest Marklars' page show banked Marklar?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mondoz, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. It only shows the Marklar that Marklars have that aren't in the Marklar.
  2. what is this marklar you marklar of? marklarage?
  3. Marklar? The Marklar in the Marklar. Not the Marklar.
  4. ahh... with my hobo marklar i did not marklar what you were marklaring.

  5. It's a common Marklar.
  6. NO!?

    well, markle my marklar.
  7. Uh, Marklar?

    Edit: No :marklar:
  8. probably because fly is full of marklar

  9. I've heard that about him.

    Maybe if we beat the Marklar out of him, we can all be rich.
  10. show him your feather duster, he'll give you all the marklar you markle.

  11. I heard he Marklared toilet plungers better.
  12. try this one, it's marklar. :drool:


  13. Ooooh! Shiney Marklar!
  14. oh shit, when my honda civic has a toilet in it, i'm so getting that.
    edit: nevermind.. just checked the engine. It already has a toilet in it