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why does everyone get so uppity about homosexuals?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by PinkysAvenger, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. my personal belief is that people can do whatever they want behind closed doors. two men having sex does NOT concern me in any way. why does the government feel that it has the right to legalize discrimination against this certian group? was there some massive militant homosexual uprising years ago that i wasnt aware of?

    i just dont understand how people can feel that they have the right to tell someone else how to live their life, while waving the flag and talking about freedom. it just dosent add up to me.

    can anyone explain it to me?
  2. This is your way of coming out, isn't it?
  3. :shifty:

    maybe by page 3...
  4. They don't bother me. Love is love.
  5. consider it explained:
  6. :elfpenis:
    Cletus and Pinky sitting in a tree...
  7. :drool:
  8. QFT
  9. sucks.
    I'm a Republican and it irks me. Ultra conservatives bug me.

    Ultra-liberals bug me more.
  10. everyone doesnt get uppity about homosexuals. the only ones that get their panties in a bunch are bible thumpers, bible thumpers that vote, and politicians that want bible thumpers votes. and the occasional non-bible thumper that just formed their own opinion.

    the bible thumpers need to mind their own business, according to them, they aren't judging people anyways. the bible thumpers that vote are hypocrites. politicians are nothing more than expensive whores that ream us in the ass(GAY). and as for the others, who cares. fuck a three-toed sloth in your bungalo, so what.
  11. in a perfect world there would be more liberals that aren't so ultra.

  12. they're currently running our country, thats what.

    and looks like they might sneak their way in for another 4 years...
  13. i'll agree that bush is pretty conservative, but do you really think that things will get that much better with kerry at the head of the nation?
  14. yes

    i seriously, honestly, bottom of my heart do

    he may not be a great man. but he'll do what hes told by the moderate democrats. and thats what the country needs
  15. I love gay guys, I'd hit it.
  16. but his face is melting!!!
  17. so? carter wasnt much of a looker

  18. i'm willing to bet they sneak right on in. wouldnt surprise me. and if it annoys you that much, go vote. but as it stands, the people running our country also have their hands in a few other things. have to take the good with the bad sometimes, not that it's right.
  19. oh, im voting. and im getting as many of my friends to vote too. not like it means terribly much here in MA, but every little bit helps.

    because im honestly scared about what happens to me in the next four years if bush gets back in office
  20. true, but i'm not really in the mood to have a political discussion so i'll leave it at that.