Why can't more news reporters...



...have this kind of integrity and value system


I think more anchors, reporters, and investigators need to stand up to what is amounting to an all out attack on our free speech rights. Bravo Sharon Reed, I applaud you.

ChikkenNoodul said:
There was an Apple ad at the top of the page, so I closed it in disgust

Its about that reporter getting naked for a story and having it ALL shown on TV, no blurs no nothing blocking.
April23 said:
She's got that pr0n star look about her. The big pouty DSLs and the hair all did. Maybe some press-on nails. :fly:

Not really porn star...but she looks like a fuuureeeak in bed.
fly said:
Easynews global usenet search turned up nothing but an mp3 from some chick with the same name.

End of world status: Imminent
I'll have to check when i get home.

i don't want the world to end.