WTF Why are women always so catty towards young girls?


Flaccid Member
Mar 12, 2011
pacific north west
Answer this seriously please. Why are women always so catty and nasty towards young girls? Why do we get the nasty glares and snippy comments when we're out laughing and having fun. Women always seem to be especially catty when girls seems to be attractive, happy and enjoying life. Is it because women hate to be reminded of their own carefree youth, their fading beauty and the wonderful feeling of being in love for the first time? Why are women this way? I don't think men are this way, which is why I like them more.
We have a family member getting hitched, so we are headed to Utah this fall. Other than that we will just play around the state at the lake and most likely picking up a 4wheeler for the kids in a couple months to dink around the desert on.