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Why are odd sounds played through my computer speakers..

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. ...when they are neither plugged into my computer nor turned up at all? Its happened a couple of times where the volume is down all the way and yet I hear this weird sort of interference sound and some people talking.

    Should I flee to area 51?
  2. There's a little alien with a microphone inside your computer.
  3. Its the FBI. They have tapped into your computer and are hacking through your speakers. Run I tell yee! Run to the mountains!
  4. I think you have a serious case of INVASION OF THE GABBER ROBOTS!

  5. The speakers are not plugged into my computers sirs.
  6. It's happened to me before. I think my anal probe interferes with it. :(
  7. How deep is yours? Does it itch alot?
  8. Can't really feel it. :fly:

  9. Thats how good they are. :eek:
  10. Is your cell phone near by?
    They fuck with speakers like that sometimes
  11. cell phone, honky.

    depending on what type and how they're made, cell phones can mess with them a lot.

  12. The internal speaker.
  13. are they wireless speakers and you just didn't realize it?
  14. My nextel does, but not like this. cracka
  15. No, but my monitor is.
  16. Dear Mr. Nev,

    After reading your excellent description of your speaker problem, it seems entirely possible that you might have dirty power or a grounding problem in your household. Now, before you come back with a snippy reply about me needing to go plink my wife, just wait a minute. It's been proven before that almost anything can act as an antenna, and this includes speaker wire. Also, I used to get all kinds of interference in my subwoofer until I took care of a grounding prolbem I didn't know I even had.
    There's also the possibility, although you didn't say this, that you live close to a high power radio transmitting station, and you're picking up the garbage from them.

    Kindest Regards,
  17. Dear Mr Dov,

    John Woo abuses you, and yet you fail to see it. Break free my friend, break free and join us in our merry little gaggle.

    PS. The voices, where are the voices coming from

    PPS. Your wife is hot

    PPPS. You should go plink her

    PPPPS. Tell her I said hi

    Warmest Wishes,

  18. Dear Mr Nev,

    But I pay John good money for the abuse he gives me..... and I thought I was in the gaggle, but if need be, I'll stop with Woo and join now.

    Clearly the voices are only in your head, barring you actually read the very helpful suggestions laid out in my previous reply. Seek help or enlist the help of a tinfoil hat. I guess if that doesn't help, side your house with tin foil, turn off all the lights and wait for the scary little green men with voices to arrive.

    Yes, my wife is hot.

    We might be plinking tonight, but I'm not sure. The kids, ya know?

    She doesn't like you anymore.

    Kindest and best regards,

    edit: :heart:
  19. Dear Big,

    Sorry to hear about your tragic death. Tupac is a bitch.

    I read your suggestions, but I am at work and not home, so I am confused. There are no radio station antennas near here.

    Does copper work as well as tinfoil. I saw a show where they used copper.

    Send the kids to the movies.

    Tell her its cool, we'll talk about it later

    Warmest and bester wishes,
  20. Dear Smiley,

    Yes death is always tragic. I choose not to say more than that.

    Ah, now I see. Well, I guess that must mean it's time to go home. Don't the voices tell you helpful things, or are they just mean tormentors from a master race? If you're able, submit a help desk ticket for your speaker problem- not only will it ensure it gets taken care of by the right people, it will also provide us, your audience, with hours of laughter and entertainment.

    No, copper won't work. Only tin foil. The only exception to be made would be if 'home' is in a trailer park of some sort.

    Kids are too young to go by themselves, so I guess it's into the closet for them (again).

    I'm not so sure about that........ she was so traumatized after the last time, I don't know if I can trust you with her again.

    Your always,