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Who is okay to hate/ridicule on this forum?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Obviously not other races, because thats lame, and most religions beyond the crazy ones like buddhists and cat worshippers. But, can we hate goths and hippies? What about certain types of foreigners, like the French and the Canadians?
  2. Hippies of course, that's a given.
  3. the only officially sanctioned hate is directed towards :nev:s as far as I'm aware
  4. I hear the only thing worse than being Canadian is being French Canadian. I don't think anyone would mind if we hated French Canadians.
  5. In a pinch, you can hate me I guess.
  6. French-Canadians
  7. shhhhhh, this thread is an attempt at misdirection
  8. Just hate us cat owners, we can take it.
  9. You know it's not going to work :D
  10. You are allowed to hate albino africans from the pygmy tribe in ougadougu only.
  12. :excellent:
  13. Not so much hate as bemusement and general snobbery.
  14. I guess hating french canadian gay jewish black men with cancer is totally out of the question...
  15. Let's hate people as a group.
    Damn humans. :mad:
  16. fucking eating my food and crapping in my woods...:mad:
  17. equal opportunity then?

    i hate all you fuckers! :fly:
  18. i crapped in my pants.
  19. Disgusting homo sapien. :mad:
  20. Uh uh, wrong answer. The cat owner's attitude is one of bemusement and general snobbery, that's what we find appealing in our cats. Everyone else is supposed to hate us because they are envious of our obvious superiority to the rest of the human race.