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GAY Who are the Flatboi Downs-Pt II

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by nukes, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. yes
    i am done reading books
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  2. Yes that much is evident
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  3. hmm no full stop
    its catching
  4. Punctuation is pretentious
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  5. i concur
  6. Let’s eat grandma
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  7. Wash her first
  8. Kid "But Mom, I don't want to see grandma".
    Mom "Shut up and dig".
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  9. Daddy why do I always walk in circles?
    Shut up or Ill nail your other foot to the floor
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  10. Daddy I want to play with the other kids
    Shut up and deal
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  11. Mommy I hate my sisters guts
    Shut up and eat whats put in front of you
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  12. ^true story, keyboard player i knew ages ago
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  13. See? Dont get tattoos

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  14. I see from [ left shoulder top ] he's booty illuminati .
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    Good morning fuckers!
    I think I might have a touch of the pneumonia. Feel terrible. Every inch of me hurts ... Umm yeah. But I'm still well enough to sit around on the sofa and mess with you mooks. Hmm. Wonder what a shrink would make of that.
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  16. Gravy for the Morning Fuckers. Hugs for the sick bro.
    Don't get me sick!
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  17. I'm trying to sit up long enough ( without coughing into it) to chop up everything for a homemade slow cooked beef stew.
    Oh It's wonderful, Nukes. Old family recipe.
    You haven't lived till you've tried my flu-stew.
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  18. Too much partying maybe?
    Youre not as young as you used to be, you know.
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  19. You either. Hey, what happens when the mustard dispenser gets that brown solid clog around the nozzle?
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  20. You might have hit on something.
    Haven't been drunk in days!
    Weeks even. My blood alcohol level has dropped and allowed germs in!
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