GAY Who are the Flatboi Downs-Pt II

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Sep 30, 2004
So I spent a little time at the grocery store this evening and on the muzak I did hear

The spirit of radio
Cum on feel the noize
Owner of a lonely heart
Back in black
Sultans of Swing

People were openly bringing children and even little babies into this environment and exposing them to these sounds.

This brings me great joy and insures (ensures?) there is hope for our future, despite what the chicken littles would like us to believe. We're going to be OK.

There exists a song I was going to link here that has apparently been scrubbed from the internet.

If I could post a video I would sing it for you but the lyrics flow forth thusly..

"Come with me to the grocery store. I'll be with you forevermore.
Come with me to the grocery store, I wish that you are me"

It's a happy melody. Might've been on Dr. Demento or some such late night AM program many moons past.

Might've been on the same album as the very fine hit, Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent. Or it could be something else entirely.

It's a good song.
heard gnr welcome to the jungle in the grocery store last weekend
the horror
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