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FYI Who are the Fatboi Slimez?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by nukes, Apr 16, 2016.

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  1. Several years ago, we all belonged to the worlds biggest (and lamest) bass guitar forum.
    We fought a war with the mods and admin, and of course lost.
    Eddie, our alien mascot. Built another website/forum for us all.
    There was drama. Ill spare you.
    I opened a forum for us on proboards maybe 9 months ago.
    More drama. Bass players, who knew?

    We got stale. Darth found this place and it seems to rock.

    The press conference is now open.
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  2. You folks have come to the wrong forum for fun. Also, this place does drama like no other forum. Just you wait.
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  3. Who is your daddy, and what does he do?
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  4. Also, favorite bassist and most hated?
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  5. I played the triangle in my elementary school band. Can I be in your band?
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  6. Sorry, this place is full of drummers. Right @yeppers ?
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  7. When I was playing in bands we could never find a bass player. Now I'm surrounded by them.
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  8. One of my best friends when I was active duty was a bassist. Now he is a writer
  9. Being with a writer is challenging...
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  10. Bass players and computer geeky. It's like a match made in heaven.
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  11. So few understand our geekiness
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  12. bass players hands are rad
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  13. Ron was my daddy.
    Favorite bassist? Duck Dunn.
    Hated? Christ Novocelic.

    Im sorry what was the question?
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  14. Claypool would be my favourite bassist of all time followed by Mark King.
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  15. What does the phrase "shitting dick nipples" mean to you?
  16. That guy from brazilian girls (jesse murphy?) rocks, not a big steve harris fan..
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  17. Why do you dig em? Why do you hate em?
    Who is the most overrated bassist?
    Same, please
  18. yay -cool, unbusy
    nay - too many triplets
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  19. Squarepusher!!
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  20. Clearly you've never been with a drummer ;)
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